Dutch Society for Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis
Quinquennial Review 2008-2012

September 2013

The NVPHBV quinquennial review

Every fifth year the NVPHBV brings out a so-called Quinquennial Review. The main incentive is to show the activity of the members to the other members, a key task for the society.

Members of the NVPHBV can submit a paper, which is published in the past 5 years: 2007-2012. This quinquennial review has no other purpose as to collect the published work by the members, so it does not infringe any copyrights.

The submissions should follow the following conditions:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Form for registration and paper submission

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e.g. Roothans, P.H. (only a single author)

Title paper:




Yes, I agree with the conditions for participation, mentioned above.

Please submit by the following two steps:

1. Upload here your PDF file:

NB: Please give your filename the name of the first author, e.g. Roothans.pdf, do not use spaces.

2. Register:

Thanks for your submission!
You will receive an email that your submission has been received in good order.

Board of NVPHBV

27 August 2013