Travels of Bart & Hetty ter Haar Romeny

Bolivia - Peru

August 1995

View over Machu Picchu, Peru

Center of the small town of Aqua Calientes. There is no road, only a train.

The colorful Indian women typically carry their children on their back.

The amazing Inca wall in Cusco, Peru. The stones have curved wall on all sides.
They fit so tight that it is impossible to put even a piece of paper in between.
How did they do this?

Market traders, Tiwanaku, Bolivia

A typical vegetable shop, in Sucre, Bolivia.

The noblemen's graves in Silustani, Bolivia. This lady is herding her goats.

A visit to the coca fields, south of La Paz, Bolivia. The road to this area is the most dangerous and steepest in the world!

Selling coca leaves for chewing.

Everywhere these fantastically colored and beautifully woven blankets, so famous for the Andes.

The highest train tracks in the world are between La Paz, Bolivia, and Cuscu, Peru.

At the highest point the air is so thin, that only half of the cabines can be pulled up. The loc just goes twice.

A local seller near an ancient Inca wall in central Cusco, Peru.

View over the famous 'Valley of the Kings', near Cusco, Peru.

No, we don't buy a guitar made of a skin of an almost extint animal !

The famous Inca trail near Saxaiwaimen, Peru.

A local farmer lady with her lama.

Two farmer's kids, Saxaiwaimen.

Meditating the enigma of Machu Picchu. Why did they leave this magical place?

Playing the drum in traditional dress, a well paid job to welcome the tourists.

The amazing stones of Oyobunku.
The biggest blocks weight 30 tonnes. How did they build this, bringing them to the top of the hill, without cranes?

The sacred temple of Tiwanaku, Bolivia.

The only remaining statue that escaped the cruel Spaniards in 1560, when they cleared in 10 years a complete culture totally (it was hidden under the sand so they did not find it).

The Stone of the Sun, Tiwanaku, Bolivia.

In Lake Titikaka a village is completey build on islands of straw. We were happy to still see this quickly disappearing tradional way of living.

One of the wonders in the world: the amazing tightly fitting HUGE Inca stones of Saxaiwaimen, Peru.

Our nice guesthouse in Sucre, Bolivia. Time to read the Bolivian Daily, and practice our Spanish.

We travelled by truck in Bolivia, quite nice amid the Indians, all holding the pole in the middle.
Hetty is somewhere in the last truck. Only 4% of all roads is a tar road.

A replica made by the same man (picture) of Titikaka Lake, who made the famous boat for Thor Heijerdahl, who crossed the Atlantic with it.

Two farmer ladies enjoying the late afternoon in the spectacular Andes. HR