Lombok & Gili Islands - Indonesia


Fast boat from Kuta (Bali) to Gili Meno.

Our cottage at Gecko Cottages on the west side of Gili Meno island.

Our room at Villa Nautilus, on the East side of Gili Meno island.

Drinking water at Gili Meno is daily shipped from neighbouring Lombok.

Our fine cottage at Villa Nautilus.

Abundant marine life at low tide.

At the saltwater oyster plant.

Gado gado.

Rice fields west of Mataram.

The pond at Lingsar Temple.

Entrance to Pura Lingsar.

Durians at a local market at Mandalika.

Gas for scooters is available virtually anywhere along the road.

A colorful and noisy traditional wedding parade in Mangsit, 6 km North of Sengigi.

Santai Beach Inn in Mangsit, with charming cottages in a delightful and peaceful garden.

Nextdoor is the 5-star Puri Mas Resort, with amazingly artistic design and atmosphere.

Hiking tour in Senaru, on the North slope of the Gunung Rinjani volcano.

This clever irrigation canal is designed by Dutch engineers.

The waterfall Air Terjun Sindang Gila.

Berries of the huge strangling figs form the major food supply for jungle birds and other animals.

Air Terjun Tiu Kelep waterfall.

Breakfast views at Pondok Senaru Cottages & Restaurant. The temperature at this height is around 24 degrees Celsius year round, and no mosquitos!

The traditional village of Senaru.

Our little and charming Suzuki Jymney jeep in which we drove around for 14 days.

The colorful market at Bayan.

Local tobacco.

Local lunches are the best.

The oldest woman in Lombok, believed to be 126 years old (in January 2010).

Bamboo forest around Sembalun Lawang, on the Western slope of the volvano.

The local produce is garlic.

The black beach of Obel Obel on the North coast of Lombok.

Amazingly huge mahoganies just north of Labuhan Lombok.

The royal tombs of one of the first kings of Lombok.

Mr. Radiah showing us his garden.

The early (06:00) morning market at Lendang Nangka.

Rice mill on old wheels.

Papaya tree.

This spider is 12 cm long.


Lunch in Sikur.

Pottery village Masbagik Timur, just South of Sikur.

Again a traditional wedding parade, now in Lendang Nangka.

A glimpse of luxury in the Novotel in Kuta, South Lombok.

Kimen Surf at Gerupak Bay, a surfers heaven.

Daydreaming at Astari, on top of the hill. New age music, vegetarian delights, a heavenly view.

Seeweed harvesting in Kuta, Lombok.

At the swimming pool at our delightful place in Kuta, Surfer's Inn.

At times, a drink is welcome, also for our wacky jeepy.

A second time in Astari, a place to visit again and again.

The Water Palace and Temple in Mantang.

Our spacious house in the old-colonial Suranadi Hotel, just opposite the Pura (temple) Surandi.

Pura Surandi.

On the way to Sesaot.

Local big tree in Sesaot.

A bemo.

Pura Lingsar again.

Pura Suranadi.

The characteristic tree at the entrance of the hilltop temple Gunung Pensong, 9 km South of Mataram.

Great views over West Lombok and Mataram.

The bemo has had its best days.

Evening dullness in losmen Tidar, Lembar.

Waiting for the boat from Lembar to Padangbai, Bali.

Arrival in Singapore airport.