Raja Ampat

December 2013

Pulau Airborek


Arriving from Kuala Lumpur at Makassar on Sulawesi we see the massive floods from the air.

During the flight from Makassar to Sorong the tropical island beauty of what is to come excites us.

By ferry from Sorong to Waisai, 3.5 hours. Here we come!

Waisai is the local hub for the remote Raja Ampat islands.

We buy vegetables, nuts and fruits on the market, the next 2 weeks we have no access to such luxeries.

Fresh tuna, we bought one.

A colorful display in a local Waisai music store prompts for a picture.

Methu Dimara, who picked us up to go to his homestay.

Email: methudimara@gmail.com, mobile +62-081354091769.

At Metho's Homestay, Alice barbeques the tuna for us.

Our palm house on the beach.

And our private beach at Metho's Homestay.

At Sawanggrai village is another homestay right on the peer.

With Metho's boat on the way south to famous Manta Point.

Crystal clear waters everywhere, 29 degrees Celcius, visibility 50-100 meters.

Methu ankering at Manta Point, just next to Arborek Island.

Two pictures of the magnificent mantas taken by Christine during our snorkling trip.

Manta Point: This movie (from Youtube) indicates nicely what we saw while snorkeling, we could touch them!

Crystal clear water, 29 degrees Celcius.

View on the romantic Island Arborek, where we went for a week after Metho's. Paradise still exists!

Local guys on Arborek playing Papua Scouts.

Metho is surprised and impressed by our smartphones and solar cell phone charger.
The local antenna pole for mobile phones was broken, so no phone connection, no internet.

We joined New Years drumming festival in the village, a harmonious and loud feast of happiness.

Most evenings we had spectacular sunsets,changing color every minute in grand grandeur.

Diving and snorkeling is the the best in the world, truly amazing, stunning and making you aware how precious this area is.

Hetty took some experimental pictures with our own camera in a sealed plastic bag near the jetty of Sawanggrai village.

No phone and internet connections: time to read, think and relax.

We gave Methu new electricity cables and plugs, such as this one, replacing the dangerous
naked wires who his father had put into the outlet of the generator.

To our amazement the next day the plug was connected with the naked wires again!
What would you do when you had never seen a plug?

Last day on Methu's Homestay.

On Arborek we stayed at Manta's Homestay, an idyllic and comforable place with just 3 rooms,
and a wonderful home owner, mr. Nomanso: tel. +62-81344402542 and his sun, Onyk: tel. +62-81236969300.

Our veranda.

Gorgi Suzic discussing his diving experiences with Friedrich and Marian.

Excursion to Fam Island, a tropical wonder.
We snorkeled at Melissa's Garden (named after the daughter of Max Ammer, the Dutch pioneer at Raja Ampat).

See some beautiful impressions found on the internet (by Stephen Frink) here.

Climbing to the top was rewarding!